Grandparents Rights


Houston Grandparents’ Rights Attorney

In the wake of a divorce, it should come as no surprise that grandparents wish to keep an ongoing healthy relationship with children. Dan Kirby is a Houston lawyer dedicated to protecting grandparents’ rights. When parents divorce and move away, this can be extremely difficult for grandparents — it may be difficult or even impossible to see grandchildren, particularly if the divorce is high-conflict. That said, it may be possible to petition the court to assert grandparents’ rights in the wake of divorce. At the Law Office of Dan Kirby, we value the role that grandparents play in their grandchildren’s lives. With more than 30 years of family law experience, Houston grandparents’ rights lawyer Dan Kirby is well-versed in all types of custody disputes. We can give you a voice and fight to help you maintain a positive relationship with your grandchildren.

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Helping You Provide The Necessary Proof

The Supreme Court determination in 2000 complicated the rights of grandparents to obtain visitation. The case set a precedent that it was necessary for grandparents to obtain rights when a strong relationship with the grandchildren could be demonstrated. The burden of proof falls on the grandparents.

In these cases, grandparents will need to demonstrate specific conditions. When making a determination, the court will consider the best interests of the child, as well as:

  • Physical and emotional needs of the child
  • Welfare of the child
  • Parents’ and grandparents’ wishes
  • Ability of the parents/grandparents to meet the child’s needs
  • Wishes of the child (if he or she is mentally capable of making such a decision)
  • Relationship and distance between a child and his or her grandparents
  • The ability of the grandparents to provide affection, love and safety vs. the ability of the parents to do so
  • Length and quality of the relationship between grandparents and grandchild
  • Evidence of child abuse or neglect by the parents (and grandparents)

Work With An Attorney With A Strong Track Record Of Success

Our attorney and family law team at the Law Office of Dan Kirby are ready to bring our comprehensive knowledge of these issues to do everything we can to advocate for you. By partnering directly with parents and grandparents, we have helped hundreds of families reach best possible outcomes to their issues. We are ready to help you do the same.

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