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While much of the focus in a divorce usually centers around any children, you and your spouse will also need to divide your assets. The marital home and other possession can hold a great deal of emotional attachment to both spouses, requiring experienced legal guidance to help you find a resolution.As a client of the Law Office of Dan Kirby, you can get our more than 25 years of legal experience on your side. We have helped countless clients craft strategies to help them protect their most financially and emotionally valuable assets.

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Texas is what is referred to as a “community property” state. As such, the courts consider two types of property in family law: community and separate property. Property acquired during the marriage falls into the former category and is divisible. Property that is gifted or inherited or acquired before marriage falls into the latter category and is generally not divisible.

Certain nuanced and complicated issues can arise when it comes to businesses, types of compensation and real estate. The equity and aspects of community versus separate property can become immensely complex.

As such, it is critical to partner with experienced counsel if you and your loved ones are faced with any property division issue.

We at the Law Office of Dan Kirby are ideally prepared to handle any kind of property division issue. Our attorney will partner directly with you and reach out to asset tracing, valuation and financial specialists. To help discover the true worth of assets and the amount you should be entitled to.

If assets generate additional funds or equity, we will do everything possible to ensure that you are entitled to your fair share. Our comprehensive knowledge allows us to proactively account for any property division issue and ideally address it.

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